I currently work in the International Office at the University of Texas at Austin. I earned my master’s degree in Asian Studies from UT, and I was named a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow multiple times. Prior to starting graduate school, I was the Web Content Manager for a college in western New York. I have interned at The Onion and MPA – The Association for Magazine Media. My work has been published in Not Even Past, Behind the Tower, The Onion, The Cauldron, The Post-Journal, The Carthaginian, and The Olean Times-Herald, with write-ups on other projects I’ve collaborated on appearing in Slate, The Austin Chronicle, and The Daily Dot. I’ve also given presentations on public and digital history at the Austin Archives Bazaar and UT-Austin’s Institute for Historical Studies. Below are a few examples of my work.

Review of The Gunning of America: Business and the Making of American Gun Culture

A review of Pamela Haag’s 2016 book, examining how firearms in America were transformed from mere tools to the powerful cultural symbol they are today. Published on NotEvenPast.org, a website dedicated to public history and housed within UT-Austin’s history department.

Examining Race in Appleton, WI

A look at the history of race and racism in my hometown, and an example of what happens when we stop and consider our communities form a historical perspective. Published on NotEvenPast.org.


A website I helped create as part of a graduate seminar on public and digital history exploring the 1966 UT Tower Shootings. I contributed essays on the role of armed civilians in the standoff with the sniper, Charles Whitman, and on Texas gun culture. I also wrote brief biographies for several of those killed and injured during the shooting. BehindTheTower.org has been featured in a wide range of publications and websites, including SlateThe Austin ChronicleThe Daily Dot, and KXAN NBC News

An Open Letter to New Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson

This story originated as a blog post that I cross-posted to Medium. From there, it was picked up by The Cauldron, a Sports Illustrated property.

A Cultural Adventure: JCC students spend semester teaching English in China

I wrote this piece about two Jamestown Community College students who spent a semester teaching English in China. The story was published by the Olean Times-Herald (albeit under the wrong name; it was erroneously attributed to our Public Relations Coordinator). Unfortunately, the story was never published online. Please find a PDF of the printed version below.

Nuri and David

A profile piece I wrote on a set of international students, Nuri Plans Toral and David Martinez Rochlin, from Mexico. They attended JCC as part of the English Language Immersion Program. Prior to coming to JCC, a portion of an essay Nuri had written was quoted in a speech by President Obama: